Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle [2020]- Buying Guide & Reviews

best airsoft sniper rifleDo you ever think why sniper rifles are high in demand and why everyone is looking to have the best airsoft sniper rifle to be the best in the gaming line? It is because the sniper rifle players play with the matter of life and death. For them, the game is nothing but their life that they want to win it by all means.

As a big fan and an expert of sniper rifles, I know my colleagues and friends who love to have the best sniper rifles in the world and they have got a valid reason for having it. These guns are highly accurate with a maximum shooting speed of 300 to 550 FPs giving a complete adventurous feeling to the player.

After having the interviews from professional and experienced shooters we have carried out deep research and brought the best of best for you in terms of everything you must know about airsoft sniper rifles and the best sniper rifles in the market to have the amazing rifle for your shooting experience.

Our Top Picks

BBTac M61

BBTac M61 Rifle

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reload clip


BBTac Gun Package

BBTac Airsoft Gun Packages

  • High-quality guns
  • Best for beginner
  • All in one package


ASG Tac-6 CO2

ASG Tac-6 CO2

  • Exciting gun 
  • Highly reliable
  • Quick shooting


Top 10 best airsoft sniper rifle guns used by Professionals

In this comparison table, we have overviewed top best airsoft sniper rifle reviews


BBTac M61
  • Fast loading
  • premium quality
  • Bolt action

ASG Tac-6 co2
  • Foldable bipod
  • co2 cartridge
  • Integrated laser unit

PFN Scar-L
  • 300 fps
  • Easy loading
  • Strong hand grip

Belgium p-90 Deluxe
  • Speed 400bbs/mint
  • Power action
  • ABS polymer

BBTac Gun Package
  • Lightweight
  • Bolt action
  • All in one package



BBTac M62
  • Fast loading
  • Powerful bolt action
  • High quality

Well M187d fps-550
  • Spring-loaded
  • Inexpensive
  • Free accessories

sig sauer MCX 177
  • Economical
  • Gas powered
  • Easy to use

DPMS Full Auto SBR
  • Gas-powered
  • Real feeling gun
  • Reliable

  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered
  • Easy to handle

1. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

If you are looking for a fast loading airsoft sniper rifle for a quick turnaround, this BBTac airsoft sniper Rifle is a must-have for you. It is made up of high-quality ABS polymer to provide a strong construction with a refined finish.

Moreover, this is the best airsoft sniper rifles that people love to have due to its reliable design, manufacturing quality, and powerful spring load action. It is a precision machine made sniper rifle that can target the aim and shoots with high precision and premium stability. The stylistic features of this sniper rifle are written below for your thorough understanding.


Bolt Action:

It has a spring-loaded powerful action mechanism that shoots at 420-475 Fps with .2g BBs. This bolt action provides a real shooting feeling that looks authentic to the player.

Premium  Quality Construction:

This is made up of ABS polymer that provides a strong base, a good finish, and a robust design.

Precision Machine Manufacturing:

This sniper rifle is a precision machine made that provides shooting with precision and high accuracy. Added stability is also a plus point.

Fast Loading:

This gun is special in fast loading because it uses the clip to load and unload at faster speeds. This fast speed provides a good and quick turn around.

  • Spring-loaded powerful bolt action
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use 
  • Capable of shooting longer distances
  • Accurate Sniping with .20g 6mm BBS Ammo
  • Fast reload clip
  • A little bit noisy when bbs impact the aim

2. ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Rifle

ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Rifle
ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Rifle

Tac-6 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper rifle is a big treat for all those people who love to have a gas-powered lightweight rifle that loads easily. This CO2 powered sniper rifle comes with an efficient pistol grip. The pistol grip holds BBs in a stick type magazine. The rifle has a full-length top rail. This top rail carries optics and other accessories for user’s ease. This rifle is so user friendly and easy to use because of the added rubber padding in the thumb hole. This allows a really comfortable shooting when the rifle is on shoulders. You can see a complete list of the features in the following section.


Built-in Fiber Optics:

It has a built-in fiber optics that help in acquisition easily and quickly. It helps to get going in any kind of light conditions by providing clear sight. This fiber optic is self-illuminated.

Picatinny Rails:

The top and bottom rails have Picatinny styles. This helps to install any kind of optics, lights or other accessories.

Foldable Bipod:

It has a detach bi-fold feature that enables quick and smooth shooting on any kind of surface.

Integrated Laser Unit:

This sniper rifle features an integrated removable red laser unit that ensures quick and accurate shooting. Always make the laser unit zero before use to get maximum accuracy.

CO2 Cartridge:

The ergonomic grip has a 0.12 grams CO2 cartridge. The cartridge loads easily when the spring-loaded compartment door opens with a push.

Stick Type Magazines:

It features stick type magazines. The magazines are strong enough to hold 15 rounds of 6mm BBs.there is a retaining notch at the bottom of the magazine. The magazine follower retains in this notch easily for quick shooting. 

  • Quick and fast action due to gas-powered mechanism
  • Lightweight item as it weighs only 3.5 pounds
  • Exciting gun due to CO2 power
  • Highly reliable
  • Quick and fast shooting
  • Clear sight due to self-illuminated fiber optic

  • Low capacity clip
  • No hop-up

3. FN Scar-L Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

FN Scar-L Spring Rifle - Tan
FN Scar-L Spring Rifle – Tan

This sniper rifle is one of the top snipers in the world because of its powerful spring-loaded bolt action. This bolt action gives a quick turnaround by fast and accurate shooting. It looks extremely realistic as it is made up of high-quality ABS polymer. This construction gives a strong base with an excellent finish to appeal to the gamers.

All the gamers in the world love this gun due to the following features.



The polymer ABS construction makes it a strong unit with a realistic finish. The robust design makes the gun efficient.


It is a fast shooting speed gun that shoots at the velocity of 300 FPS with 0.12 g BBs.


It has a tri-rail fore-end that makes it extremely versatile in usage. The gamer can install any kind of fiber optics, flashlight, or accessories for great user experience.

Easy Loading:

It is quick and easy to load as the magazine has 50 rounds.

Hand Grip:

The gun features a vertical handgrip that gives a firm and strong grip to shoot with high also has a foldable stock with flip-up front and rear sight.

  • Handy and easy to use
  • Suitable for both quarter and long-range shooting 
  • Economical gun with realistic features
  • Lightweight and easy to handle with additional hand grip
  • A perfect quality gift

  • The magazine is a little bit tricky

4. Fully automatic airsoft Belgium p-90

fully automatic airsoft belgium p-90
fully automatic airsoft belgium p-90

This fully automatic sniper rifle is an extremely efficient gun in gamers world because of its features never seen before in any other gun. It is one of the most desirable and newest guns on the market. It is all different from any other guns because it has a silencer, a flashlight, and a sight at the top of it. It is rechargeable with the battery so you don’t need to buy tons of batteries to make it functional. 

The following features can give you a deep insight into this gun.



Power action gun: 

It uses battery power to get functional. The batteries can be recharged without paying any extra cost. It is fed by gravity so no clips are required.


It is a fast action gun as it shoots at 400 bbs/minute.


A high-end product that is made up of ABS polymer. The inner barrel is made up of metal that assists fast shooting as it provides a strong structure. The extra features include a flashlight, a silencer caliber and a sight.

  • Fully automatic
  • Built-in flashlight and silencer with sight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Super realistic look
  • Metallic barrel for strong shooting
  • Gravity fed, no clips

  • Dim flashlight that shines till 2 feet only

5. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – Long Range

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package
BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

This is one of the most accurate and reliable packages of sniper guns out there because of its fast and strong spring-loaded bolt action. It also includes an airsoft rifle with an amazing shotgun that shoots at a powerful velocity of 300 FPs with 0.12 grams.

It features the best construction due to ABS polymer manufacturing and fine finishing that a user loves to use. The wonderful thing is that it has a package deal with a lot of value-added and cost-saving things which are a finite need of a beginner. You can see a complete list of features in the section below.



Value-based Package:

This package has all the replica basic guns which are used in urban warfare.

It includes a long-range 0.5 BMG Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle, a backup shotgun and two mini pistols. The rifle and the shotguns are spring-loaded bolt action guns with a velocity of 300 Fps with 0.12 g bbs.

Spring Loaded Bolt Action:

The pistols are also spring-loaded bolt action and serve best for all kinds of shooting especially for beginners. The loading is so simple with just a cock and shot.


All the guns and pistols of this package are extremely lightweight and are easily used by beginner’s level gamers.

  • High-quality guns in a single package
  • Lightweight
  • Includes 2×1000 round 6 mm 0.12 g bbs
  • Best package for a beginner

  • Little bit tricky 

6. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 – Bolt Action

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 - Bolt Action
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 – Bolt Action

BBTac Airsoft Sniper rifle is the best bb sniper rifle as it can shoot 0.2g bbs with a powerful spring-loaded bolt action.

It has all the features that the best sniper rifle should have. It is considered to be the best sniper rifle because of the following stylistic features.



Powerful Bolt Action:

It is a spring-loaded bolt action gun that shoots powerfully and accurately even with 0.2 g BBs.

High-Quality Manufacturing:

The gun provides a strong and robust platform because it is made up of high-quality ABS polymer. This polymer gives a fine finish and strong construction.

Precision made and fast loading:

Like other sniper rifles, this is also a precision machine made that provides a fast action with easy loading. This gun uses a clip for a fast and easy reload with a quick turnaround.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and accurate
  • Excellent budget sniper

  • A bit heavier than other rifles

7. Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps 550

Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550
Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550

If you are looking for fun and reliability at the same time, Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps 550 is a top-notch gun on the market. It has all the features a gamer look for in a sniper rifle. It features all the basic accessories you need to make your shooting accurate as it comes with 4×32 scope and bipod. You don’t need to get into complex assemblies as it comes with ready to use assembly right from the box.

You can consider it as a full metallic rifle as most of the parts are made up of metal including barrel, scope, rail, trigger, and outer mechanics.

The most amazing feature that makes all the gamers love it, is its shooting speed of 550 FPs.The other features include the following points.



Spring-loaded Bolt action:

Your sniper does not get out of function because it does not require any kind of gas or electric charging. It is highly powered with spring bolt action and the shooting velocity is 550 FPs with higher precision and accuracy.

Metallic and Plastic construction:

The most important parts of the rifle are made up of metal. These parts include barrel, trigger and other outer parts. While the grip, cylinder, and other outer parts are made up of plastic.


All the accessories that come with this rifle are also expensive and they come with the rifle for free. What else a gamer requires if he gets a 4×32 scope, bipod and a hop-up, scope lens covers, and magazines.

  • Inexpensive
  • Fast action with easy loading
  • Easy maintenance
  • Free accessories
  • High-velocity shooting gun

  • Plastic and metallic mixed construction

8. MCX .177 Cal Co2 Powered Air Rifle

MCX .177 Cal Co2 Powered Air Rifle
MCX .177 Cal Co2 Powered Air Rifle

Sig Sauer is a CO2 powered high-quality air rifle that allows precision target shooting

It is an ideal gun for all those people who want to have training and practice shooting.

It comes with a steel barrel and 30 patented rounds that provide premium quality standards.



Barrel Material:

The barrel is made up of steel that has 18” length. It has the capacity to deliver 30 rounds of rapid-fire with .177 pallets.


It is designed just like the original rifle with high-quality ABS polymer. Built-in Picatinny rail allows other accessories to be used in a better way. Optics and accessory rails are plus points of this rifle.

  • Best rifle for practice and training
  • Easy to use
  • Gas-powered
  • Economical
  • Self-safety control
  • Solid and robust design

  • CO2 and pallets are not included in the package

9. DPMS Full Auto CO2-Powered Dual Action

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2
DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2

It is a dual-action capability sniper rifle gun that shoots at the highest capacity of 1400 rounds per minute.

This high efficiency is due to the (2) 12 grams CO2 cartridges gas-powered mechanism, a real reason for shooting at 450fps. This air rifle features a real like feeling because of its 6 positions adjustable buttstock.



Shooting Speed:

This blowback gas-powered action rifle has a unique capacity of shooting over 1400 rounds per min at 450 fps.


It is featured with a quad rail forearm with a unique muzzle end cap. This quad has the capability to mount other accessories including flashlights, fiber optics, and other items.


This air rifle has the capacity to be fully or semi-automated. It has a moveable angles fore grip and offers 6 positions butt position adjustment. It also has a thumb selector style safety that provides precise and safe handling. 

  • Real feeling gun
  • Loaded with amazing accessories
  • Strong and reliable
  • Gas-powered
  • Thumb selector safety
  • Balanced weight and size

  • CO2 gas cartridges are not included in the package

10. FN SCAR-L Electric Powered Airsoft Gun

FN SCAR-L Electric Powered Airsoft Gun
FN SCAR-L Electric Powered Airsoft Gun

It is the most affordable and economic electric-powered sniper rifle gun you can ever experience. It can be operated as fully or semi-automated at 302 FPS with 6 mm ammo.

You cannot experience such a realistic feeling elsewhere with its high-quality ABS polymeric material that weighs 4 lbs only. Moreover the easy to load mechanism can hold 200 magazines at a time.



Electric power mechanism:

It has an electrically powered mechanism, that makes it super-efficient. The battery and charger are included in the package.

High Speed: 

It shoots at the speed of 302 FPS with 6mm ammo. The shooters have the liberty to play with it in both fully and semi-automatic modes. The magazines can hold 200 rounds. 500 BBs are also included.


It is made up of high-quality ABS polymer that ensures premium construction and a strong body that provides foldable and collapsible stock. Built-in hop-up creates a back spinning effect for long-range shooting. Flip-up front and rear sights are extraordinary features within such a suitable price.

  • Easy to load and handle
  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered ( charger also included)
  • Fully and semi-automatic
  • Hard, strong and reliable construction


  • A little bit tricky to use

 Buyer’s Guide to choosing an Airsoft Sniper Rifle 

For professional and expert snipers, the best airsoft sniper rifle is the first thing to consider.

There are many airsoft sniper rifles in the market and all of them look the same most of the time. If you don’t know the technicalities and the things to consider, you may end up having something you never require. 

So we are discussing important features you must know before you buy your dream sniper rifle.

1.Power Mode

As we have discussed before there are three kinds of airsoft sniper rifles on the basis of power. Every type of gun has a different mechanism and so is the efficiency. Bolt action guns are the most common and least expensive guns. But the gas and battery-powered guns are highly efficient and accurate with a little high cost. So always know your requirement of shooting before you choose one of them.

2.Barrel Length

All the best airsoft sniper rifles have pretty fair lengthy barrels as these lengths determine the shooting speed and power of a gun. Barrel length also balances a gun for better user experience.


Shooting accuracy is highly dependent on the material. These guns are usually made up of ABS polymer.ABS polymer ensures maximum strength and an excellent finish of the guns. There are also semi and fully metallic guns. A metallic gun is the best choice one can always make in sense of choosing a gun.


In every airsoft sniper gun, a different kind of bullet is used depending upon the size and material of the bullet. These bullets include high to low quality with different weights.


All the guns have different types of rails attached to them. Picatinny style rails are the most desirable rails as they provide different slots for other accessories. So a sight, flashlight, or fiber optics can easily be installed on it to add a different fun and accuracy in shooting experience.


Different airsoft sniper guns come with different accessories. There are many types that provide a whole package in one without the need of buying any other extra things. High powered guns come with a built-in scope so a shooter has better shooting experience. The common accessories include rails, hop up, bipods, bolts, barrels, springs, scope lens covers, and bb magazines.

Things to Consider!

Choosing the right kind of gun is the first step toward a great shooting journey. Everybody has a different choice and scenario. 

If you are an indoor person then you can go for plastic made guns as they provide a complete package of shooting guns at affordable prices.

For professional sniper shooters,semi-metallic or metallic guns are highly recommended as they provide strong and robust construction with durability and reliability.

 Purpose of airsoft sniper rifles 

As you know the airsoft sniper rifles are extremely realistic and they give a feeling of real sniper guns. Many people use them to shot down their enemies for self-safety. 

But in general, these snipers are made to give a real feeling to all the gun lovers. 

Mostly the best airsoft sniper rifles are used for the following purposes.

1.Fun and amusement

90% of the snipers use these guns for the sake of fun and amusement. This is the best game that you can play both indoors and outdoors. All you need to wear protective gears in order to be in the game. This hobby leads to proactivity and refreshment of the mind. According to Wikipedia those who play shooting games have less tendency to put on weight because of their active gut.

2.Target shooting

These guns are also used to learn target shooting in the real world. Before having a real sniper in hand, the best practice is to use airsoft sniper rifles. As the best airsoft sniper rifles have long-range shooting capacities, a sniper gets a better hands-on experience of shooting with aim targeting.

3.Hunting and animal control

Airsoft sniper rifles are a big choice of every camper and hunter. As these guns provide highly accurate shooting for long distances, many hunters prefer these guns to shot down their enemies and prey.

As everyone knows there are many areas in the countryside where people are upset about having stray animals in their fields, lawns, and backyards. They use these guns to scare these animals and to make them run away without having serious damage or injury to those animals.


What is an Airsoft sniper rifle for?

An airsoft sniper rifle is a shooting gun for all those airsofters who are serious about their craft and the shooting is meant to be accurate, focused, fast, and powerful with advanced power and speed. The sniper rifles are extremely efficient due to their shooting velocity that ranges from 300 to 550 FPs.

What are the most common types of Airsoft sniper rifles?

There are usually three kinds of airsoft sniper rifles that are categorized on the basis of their power mode. They include:

1.Bolt action sniper rifle

These are the most common and most efficient type of sniper rifle guns. The bolt action sniper rifles are spring-loaded and they use a cock every time they load. High power spring-loaded mechanisms make them shoot so strong that 70 % of the snipers go for bolt action sniper rifles according to Forbes. All you do is to pull the spring back in order to reload the gun and all set. These guns are long-lasting, highly accurate, and need less maintenance in general.                                                                        

2.Gas-powered sniper rifle

The second type of airsoft sniper rifles is gas-powered. These guns use a blowback of compressed CO2 as a power to load the gun. There is a moveable disk in blowback models, that shoots every time to add a realistic feeling in the shooting experience. When the trigger is released, CO2 gas expands and pushes the BB to perform the shooting action. These guns give a more realistic feel to the shooter but are less common.     

3.Electric powered Sniper rifle

These sniper rifles use the electric power to perform their shooting action. This power is usually provided by a battery. These batteries are rechargeable and don’t require any replacements as usual. Electric guns include automatic electric guns (AEGs), mid-power electric guns (MPEGs), and low price electric guns (LPEGs). All of them have the same mechanism but different price ranges. The price range usually depends upon durability, quality of the battery, and its life.

So far we have discussed all the important aspects you must know about the most desirable sniper rifles in the world. Now before having the reviews you must know the important factors of how to choose a sniper rifle?

 Wrap Up! 

Best airsoft sniper rifles are highly in demand because they don’t miss their target due to reliability, durability, fast reload, and quick turn around.

All the best brands and the comparison of different types of guns can give you a complete understanding of buying a sniper gun for you.

We have discussed the best guns you can have for your shooting adventure within an affordable budget without compromising the quality. To go through the buyer’s guide before buying your favorite gun.

 Always remember 

Let us know in the comment section about your experience of these guns to give a deep insight into professional shooter’s adventures.

Happy Shopping


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