Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $150 – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

 You want fun but you don’t want this fun to be funny with your budget. you will know everything to get the best airsoft sniper rifle under $ in this article. Did I get it right? You need to be smart to shop. You can get low price airsoft sniper rifles with the best quality, the quality which others can’t even buy with a high price. 

I won’t let you wait for a long to know what you are going to buy. But before you see your required product, just go through to a short review about the types of air rifle gun and some other information you may find helpful and interesting. It will help you to understand what exactly you are buying.

Spring-powered airsoft rifles

These airsoft rifles are powered by elastic potential energy. These rifles use a spring mechanism to compress air, that spring needs to be cocked back with every shot. These are safe and inexpensive; it makes it the best choice for beginners and for those who are looking for cheap airsoft sniper rifles. You can use them in any environment or any temperature. No external power source is required. But all you have to do is to recompress the spring for every shot.

Battery-powered airsoft rifles

These rifles get their energy from rechargeable battery packs.  Commonly these are called automatic electric rifles (AEGs). The additional feature of these rifles is: you can select the options for selective fire, automatic and semi-automatic. 

Gas-powered airsoft rifles

The energy these rifles used to operate is produced by gases. The commonly used gases are green gas and propane. These rifles are used for military training in some countries.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $150

Now, it is time to know what you can best out of your budget. A game version of “beauty and brain” is “interesting and cheap”. Here is the list of your best cheap airsoft sniper rifles under $ 150.


Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action


Double Eagle Field Marksman
  • 400-420 FPS 
  • Spring powered
  • Heavy weight
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun


BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun
  • 300 FPS velocity
  • Spring powered
  • Fast reload
BBTac BT-BT16A2 M16 A2 Spring Rifle Airsoft Gun


BBTac BT-BT16A2 M16 A2 Spring Rifle
  • Spring powered
  • Durable
  • Accurate
460 fps cyma aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle


460 fps cyma aps sr-2
  • FPS 460
  • Spring powered
  • Plastic body
Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS Electric Powered Airsoft Gun


Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS Electric Powered
  • 350-380 FPS
  • Battery-powered
  • Metallic sling

 General rules for using airsoft rifles 

Those who are under 18 and are participating in shooting, must have to use eyewear or face wear. And the participants who are under 12, can’t participate until and unless they have any legal guardian accompanying them.

Color tip is a Must
it is very important to know. The orange tip in airsoft sniper rifles is for your safety. It’s a great matter of concern, so never try to remove it. This is a symbol that you are holding a toy and not a gun. It will be safe for others as well as for you so you won’t be facing any reaction.” 

 Know yourself first  

Before you pick an airsoft gun for you, be clear about your preferences:

  • How hardcore you are? What is the level of your strength
  • Which capacity rifle magazine you can handle
  • At which velocity (PFS) you are willing to play
  • How real your gun should look like?

 Purpose of airsoft rifles 

This was purely recreational activity. Mostly this game is played as an event under clubs and associations. In many countries, it is banned to play this game independently. To play, one has to be part of any organization or association that is legally authorized. The largest events are this game are organized in Europe. North America is also a hub for the participant and activities related to this game. But then 2012 came, America adopted this activity to train its soldiers. Since then, airsoft rifles are training tools of “close-quarter battles”. The united states coast guard officially adopted airsoft rifles for training, in 2018. 

1. Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action – Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $150

Best airsoft sniper rifle under 150 dollars
  • Item model number= M62
  • 400-420 FPS velocity
  • .20g BBS
  • Weight- 8 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Spring powered

 Product Description 

This gun is a beauty with the metallic barrel, bolt, and trigger. Its velocity ranges from 400-420 FPS for a .20g bb. The hop-up system is adjustable.

For bi-pods and accessories there is front rail mount available. 

And the most interesting thing about this gun is, it is even better than it claims to be. I know it is not believable but it is true in this case. The specifications are perfectly awesome, reviews show that customers claim that they found it more good n quality and work then its mentioned in specification. 

It looks like a real gun; which is durable and packs a hard punch. Therefore, feels  heavy in weight, as heavy as it is supposed to be good. Simply this is the best budget airsoft sniper rifle under $ 150, or say it is a wonder in this price.

  • Heavy in weight
  • Looks like real gun
  • Metallic barrel
  • Have a Metallic bolt
  • Also has a Metallic trigger
  • Hard punch
  • Comes with bipod
  • Short-range

2. BBTac Rifle – Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $100

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun
  • Weight- 4 pounds
  • 300 FPS velocity
  • Spring-powered
  • .12 BBs
  • Fast reloading

 Product Description 

It is best affordable airsoft sniper rifle, a blessing in this price indeed. I wonder why they are selling it in low price. It amazingly looks like a real gun and has very fine punch. It has a pretty strong plastic body. The reloading is fast and simple. The velocity is 300 FPS using .12g BBs. It looks so much like a real gun and it is something which adds spice in fun. 

  • Great starter
  • Perfect finishing
  • Strong plastic body
  • Strikes hard
  • Looks like real gun
  • Ready to play
  • Package includes 6mm pellets
  • Few complaints about scope

3. BBTac BT-BT16A2 M16 A2  – Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $150

Best airsoft sniper rifle under 150 dollars
  • 12 BBs
  • Weight-4 pounds
  • Hi-cap magazine
  • Spring rifle
  • No battery and Gass required

 Product Description 

I bet you won’t be expecting such a good package with this price. it is hard to say that it is not a real gun. Saying look alike will not be a true description. The package includes sling and hi-cap magazine, and a warranty of 30 days. As it is a spring-powered gun, it doesn’t require any battery or gas as source of energy. Triangle hand guards add more fun. The BBS used in it are .12g. I must say this is one of the best airsoft sniper rifle under $ 150.

  • 30 days warranty
  • Good range
  • Triangle hand guards
  • Durable
  • Comes with ammo
  • Strong plastic body
  • Looks like real gun
  • Accurate
  • None

4. 460 fps cyma aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle- Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $150

460 fps cyma aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle
  • Spring-powered
  • Weight- 9 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Plastic body
  • Fps 460
  • with scope

 Product Description 

It’s a spring-powered gun with full metal bolt action. It hits hard and if can give a bruise in 30 ft. it comes with a scope. Material is plastic but amazingly strong. It has all you want in a gun; advertisement cards, rails, speed loader, lancer tactical scope, cyma stock and a good scope. The barrel is made up of stainless steel. And for your safety, the orange colored tip is unremovable. So, it doesn’t give you a chance to risk your safety.

  • Range is good
  • Metal bolt action
  • Barrel is made up of stain less steel
  • Scope is exceptionally good
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Hits a little less hard

5. Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS Electric Powered Airsoft Gun

 Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS Electric Powered Airsoft Gun
  • Item model- Colt M4 cqb-r AEG
  • Item weight- 6 pounds
  • Battery-powered
  • .20g ammo
  • 350-380 FPS

 Product Description 

It is ready to play battery-powered gun. It is a great fun for shooter as its specifications fulfill all the requirements which you can expect in this price and some are even above expectations. The velocity range is between 350-380 FPS with .20g ammo. Full and semi-automatic modes are available. Magazine holds 350 rounds which makes it super easy to load. Longer shooting distance is provided by back-spin effect created by adjustable hop-up. The outer barrel, sling attachments, magazine, and other moveable parts are made up of metal, while primary structural component is polymer. And trust me, it is the best airsoft sniper rifle under $ 150 to buy against this price. you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Metallic outer barrel
  • Metallic sling
  • Easy to load
  • Automatic and semi-automatic modes
  • Accurate
  • Long-distance shooting
  • Adjustable stock
  • Lubrication is required periodically

A Step By Step Buying Guide

you must know about airsoft rifles before you buying the best airsoft sniper rifle under $150.

Manual- how to use your airsoft gun

  • Check if it is ready to use or not.
  • Use safety buttons
  • There is a spring on the front of the clip. Pull it down to load the gun. But be careful.
  • Pull the slide of the gun back to cock the rifle.
  • Set the aim. You need to use the sight of the gun for this.
  • If equipped, use the sights on the rear and the front of the gun.
  • You are ready now. Switch off the safety and start by resting your fingers on the trigger.

Safety measurements are extremely important

Before you start to do fun with your airsoft rifle, you must take safety measurements. These are important for you and for others as well.

  • Never point the gun unintentionally when you are not aiming.
  • Shoot in an authorized area only.
  • Wear protective eye wears before getting into shooting.
  • Never use airsoft rifles and alcohol at the same time.
  • If you are not aiming, don’t rest your fingers on the trigger.

Know the parts of your rifle

 Airsoft projectiles (pellets) 

Airsoft pellets are plastic projectiles. Mostly these are white in color but some other colors are available too. The weight of these pellets ranges from 0.12 to 0.48g. There are various types of pellets.

Biodegradable pellets are made of different types of resins. These are made up of renewable products, unlike non-biodegradable pellets which are coated with plastic.

Tracers are used during nocturnal games. They remain luminescent after they leave the barrel and remain visible in the dark. Biodegradable pellets are also available in this category.

Non-traceable pellets are dark in color which is a great difficulty for opponents. Mostly the pellets are white in color, which makes them easy to trace for both; shooter and opponent. But non-traceable pellets give a tough time to both and require a lot of practice.

Markers leave a color mark were the hit as these are coated with powder. If you use these pellets, you need to be more careful about cleaning and maintenance of your airsoft rifle. Because the powder left in the airsoft rifle can cause malfunctioning. 

Metallic is more accurate, hard, and heavy than other pellets used for airsoft guns but there are many safety concerns attached to it. These are only preferred for targeted shooting.


These are used to add extra effective range. It is the back-spin put on pellets. This effect is called the Magnus effect. The back-spin reduces the air pressure on the top side of the pellet. This effect increases the range.

You can customize your gun for whatever are your preferences. Either you want it to look wilder or you want to improve its performance. There are different types of accessories available to customize the best airsoft sniper rifle under 150 dollars.  The most common additions are:

  • Fore-grips
  • Flashlights
  • Scopes

It’s more of a passion than just a game. If it is your game, you should know your preferences to be a smart customer. If you are going to purchase the best airsoft sniper rifle under  $150. Here are some key points:


To me, velocity is the soul of this game. It is a real passion. It exerts out your energy which makes you stable. Only regular players can understand its ecstasy. Whenever you decide to buy an airsoft rifle, make sure the velocity is good. It is mentioned in specifications of all good airsoft rifles and measured as FPS (feet per second).


Yes, accuracy is basically the matter of practice, but if airsoft rifle isn’t good inaccuracy, only practice cannot help you. the main thing which improves accuracy is velocity. Of course, there are some other factors too like distance, windage, and sight. Some airsoft rifles offer a hop-up mechanism which helps to improve accuracy.

 Metal or plastic- but must be durable 

You can pick metallic or plastic stuff according to your preference but quality doesn’t come with a material tag. You can suffer a bad quality of metal and you can get good quality in plastic. 

Choose plastic or metal whatever you like, but quality should be high. It must be durable. You are not supposed to buy airsoft guns every second day. Be wise when you buy it.

 Make sure that quality worth your dollars 

Quality is the first thing that matters. Not a single dollar should go worthless. Make sure the quality is good enough to pay for.

Quality includes everything which makes it good, easy to use, and durable.

 BBs matter a lot 

BBs come in the same size but different weight and it’s their weight that matters. This Product must be compatible with rifles. A rifle with high FPS will do bad with lightweight BB and vice versa. The more is the FPS, the more should be the weight of BB. It’s directly proportional. The lightest weight BB is .12 g and its good with lower FPS velocities. 

 Accessories included in package 

Continuous up-gradation of your airsoft rifle goes on but when you buy an airsoft gun, it should have some accessories included in the package. It gives relief for some time at least. 

 It should be easy to use 

You just want it for fun, you are not getting some kind of training to go to mars. Your airsoft rifles must be easy to use. It must not be frustrating to use the gun; this is the fun you are paying for. Not frustration. 

 Fast reloading 

When you in your rhythm, and you are getting frustrated again and again by slow reloading. Is this what you are paying for? There must be a smart system of fast reloading in your airsoft rifle you are willing to buy.

 Heavy weight 

The airsoft rifle which is too light in weight cannot cope with your passion to exert energy. It affects other things too like velocity and accuracy. Your airsoft rifle must be heavy in weight up to a moderate level.

 Good range 

Shooting in a wide range is fun. Low range means nothing. Must check on for this feature. Imagine your airsoft rifle with high FPS, heavyweight, heavy BB, and good range. Yaho0

 Rate of fire 

Rate of fire is important in general but is a must in close quarters combats “CQB”. If you are into this type of shooting, don’t think to ignore this feature. 

Choose airsoft rifle with accordance with your level of expertise

A good rifle may not suit your expertise don’t match with it. choosing a rifle is conditional. If you have just started to shoot/play as a beginner, the simple product will suit you more. Simple and less expensive! Spring-powered gun are more suitable for beginners and some low-priced battery -powered rifles are also suitable. If you are an intermediate player, more FPS and high capacity magazine can be your priority. you can choose rifles with some updated features. And when you are an expert, you need a completely upgraded rifle, heavy in weight, metallic, and more like a real gun. 

For any price, level, quality, and age, if you are confused to choose, we are here for you. we have selected top-rated products for any category you are looking for.

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