Best Airsoft Guns For Beginners 2022

Have you gone through every popular forum, Facebook & Instagram pages, YouTube channels, or even around fresh airsoft players to seek the best airsoft guns for beginners,… But still couldn’t find satisfactory results? So no need to be overwhelmed, just stay tuned with us till the end of the blog. You will find some exciting shooting gear that will take your hunting game to the next level.

In Fact, these days our new airsofters spend big bucks on the various airsoft guns and unfortunately, the products that come home are not durable because of cheap quality and malfunctioning. A best starter airsoft gun should have matchless durability that it accommodates the needs of an entry-level player with cheap prices and miscellaneous specifications.

At a Glance:

Because at the initial phase it’s hard to operate or fix the problems so, to make focus on the learning of new tactics and techniques, they need compact, durable, resilient, and rugged rifles for beginners. Apparently, it’s time to take a fresh start with the best airsoft target practicing guns for beginners for accurate shots.

Our recent research shows that weapon industries cater to high-quality airsoft guns that entertain customers with user-friendly specs and high FPS firing speeds. Furthermore, markets are offering budget-friendly gears with contemporary styles and upgraded features. Freshers need to pick the right one that can best suit their individualistic needs. For your ease, our team did an in-depth market analysis to come up with reviews of the best entry-level rifles for beginners and complete pros and cons.

Note: Equally important, the ultimate buying guide, you must head over the factors that you need to keep in mind but make sure to know your requirements first. To alleviate your hassle of picking the right styles of airsoft gun we’ve covered some of them just check it out:

Various Types of guns which one you should look for

At the beginning of the journey!

Obviously, it is crucial & high time for the new shooters for their shooting journey. Before getting deep in the blog we will talk about a beginner’s gun type and styles because he hardly knows about airsoft guns so it is needful and crucial for him. Every type has its own merits, demerits, availability, precision, and functionality. A right selection of a gun according to your requirements can make an authentic base and your shooting career can be more thrilling and dexterous.

We have listed down the most important types of airsoft guns in the section below:

Spring-powered airsoft guns:

Basic, more convenient, efficient, and full of ease, the spring-powered guns. These are too good to be true for beginners because these are rugged, compact, and strong airsoft guns from a practicing point of view. Research shows that these are high in demand due to their fast loading mechanism.

Best bolt action sniper rifles are fast loading guns because of their spring action with a fair enough speed and high accuracy. It always uses a cock when you load. All you need to do is to pull the spring back in order to reload the gun and here starts the action. These guns are powerful, smooth for the fresh hands to make them expert and professional in their shooting career.

Electric(AEG) powered airsoft gun:

The electric-powered guns are powered with the batteries which are housed inside the gun. Some companies offer the batteries included in the package but sometimes you need to buy them separately. These guns mainly use batteries to deliver power. These batteries are rechargeable. Also a great option for the starters, in fact, we can call them the best electric airsoft gun for beginners because of their long-lastingness, efficiency, strength, and strong grip.

Gas-powered airsoft guns:

This type is usually less commonly used, these are gas-powered. These guns use blowback of compressed CO2 as a power to load the gun and use cartridges that sometimes come with the powerpack. It enhances your shooting training and gives you the most realistic feel ever. The mechanism is painless when the trigger is released, CO2 gas expands and pushes the BB at the rushing speed to perform the shooting action.

Till now you have got an idea about all types of guns that are available for beginners in the market. Every gun type is different in terms of material, the action of work, durability, range, and speed.

We’ve made information available for you and penned down some best beginners airsoft guns reviews below so let’s start:

Our Recommendations for Best Airsoft Guns For Beginners

DesignAirsoft GunsRetailer
Staff PickWell APS MB06 SR-2 Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Check Price
Best PickDPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle
Check Price
HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun
Check Price
GameFace GFASM14B M14 Infantry Carbine Airsoft Rifle
Check Price
Budget PickBBTac BT-022 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle gun
Check Price

Well APS MB06 SR-2 Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Staff Pick

A far-fetched bolt action sniper rifle is a revamped version of the Maruzen sniper rifle. The barrel has a 1/4inch longer tip with a prominent blaze orange color. For the freshers, it is an ultimate airsoft starter kit to avail so you can’t miss it out. The SR-2 has the ability to fire with more than .20g BBs with a speed of 470 FPS downrange, with an accuracy of over 200ft.

It offers the power and higher accuracy that enables a starter to find a perfect shot with striking accuracy and get self-confidence and praise to learn more. Basically, it is a spring-powered gun with a polymer stock body and metallic barrel.

In addition, the rifle comes up with numerous features like a Modular LE-Style M4 Adjustable Rear Stock, a LE style 5 position retractable stock that adds some modularity, and an M4 ergonomic pistol grip and comes ready with aftermarket accessories like the Picatinny top rail above the bolt and on the bottom front of the stock is a bipod perch where a stable bipod can be used. As well as, a scope rail ready for attaching an optic for a clear view.

Key Features:

  • Color: OD with permanent blaze orange tip on the barrel
  • A spring-powered bolt action sniper rifle
  • Building material is polymer stock except for metallic barrel and trigger
  • Fires with more than .20g BBs with Muzzle Velocity of 470 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity is about 27 Rounds
  • Modular LE-Style M4 retractable Rear Stock
  • The groovy ergonomic pistol grip and trigger
  • 20mm Weaver Rail for Optics Mounting
  • Integrated Picatinny / Weaver rail mount for optic
  • A stable bipod
  • The adjustable hop-up system enhanced accuracy

Expert’s recommendations:

Such an outplay weapon with plastic stock. It can be a tremendous choice of starter because of its high accuracy, speedy fires, easy grip, and lighter weight. An ideal firearm for practicing targets. Definitely, it is your first sniper and does let it slide it shoot.

Moreover, the budget-friendly and easy-to-use features don’t put a heavy burden on your pocket and you can enjoy your shooting with the comfort of the economy.


  • Optics, lasers, bipods, etc are included
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Aluminum barrel
  • Accurate and budget-friendly
  • Maximum range and consistency
  • Ready with aftermarket accessories


  • The side bolt comes with a lot of greases

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Best Pick

The legit DPMS SBR is a gas-powered firearm. The best sniper rifle for the newcomers. Weight and balance are very much like the real thing. It slings with typical 4.5 mm steel BBs at a blistering 430 fps. A gas-powered best rifle for beginners has easy lifting weight and strong handling with a synthetic design. Furthermore, the rifle is fueled with 12-gram co2 cartridges that stay on the front side of the grip with the magazine but are not included in the action pack.

A magazine can hold 25 BBs at a time. Moreover, the gun comes up with some smashing features like a removable pop-up sight, An Adjustable stock with six positions, and an adjustable rear sight. The perfect sniper that holds contemporary specifications to give a blasting speed, actually so entertaining and surprisingly accurate. The impressive build quality and the overall performance of this rifle make it irresistible.

Key Features:

  • A CO2 powered dual action blowback rifle
  • Fully automatic
  • Build up with more durable plastic
  • A screaming velocity of up to 43fps
  • The magazine holds 25 BBs at a time
  • Durable synthetic design and up to 1400 rounds per minute
  • Removable pop-up sight
  • Fueled with 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • An Adjustable stock that has six adjustable positions that make the rifle easy to handle and gives a light lifting weight to the shoulder.
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • The magazine is fit with typical 4.5-millimeter steel Bbs

Expert’s recommendations:

This thing is wildly too good to be true. It has a quick and snappy fire rate, and realism makes this gun all the better. You will find most of the controls in their proper places, all functioning realistically. If a fresher is seeking a gun must buy it. Once you make a fire, you wonder why you waited at all. this gun is highly versatile. Moreover, easy weight lifting and lightness make it a handy gun for a user who is either experienced or a newbie.


  • Much Realism
  • A snappy fire rate
  • Surprisingly accurate
  • Fun to shoot
  • Helps to grow new skills and mastering in tactics


  • Bbs are not included, can buy separately
  • CO2 cartridges are not included

HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun

The HK416 is a superlative and authorized rifle. Perfect for the multi-field experienced players and freshers. This is an AEG-powered firearm With semi/full auto action. The HK 416 can fire with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at a velocity of up to 340 fps. The magazine can hold up to 25 rounds. Fortunately, it enables you to shoot accurately to about 70-100 yards. Best for mid to long-range battles quite hurt in close quarters. Its entire polymer body and full metal inner gearbox deliver overall high build quality. Too strong even if dropped on concrete it would not crack.

This realistic airsoft rifle comes up with one rechargeable battery and charger. The battery is appropriately housed in the stock. Furthermore, it also features flip-up front and rear sights and integrated Picatinny rails that will cater to you with a comfortable shooting and hunting experience for sure.

Key Features:

  • A battery-powered AEG rifle airsoft gun
  • Black matte finished with strong plastic body
  • Full metal inner gearbox
  • Can get an ultimate shooting experience with semi/full auto action.
  • The magazine is apt to hold up 250 rounds
  • Can fire with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at velocity up to 340 fps.
  • Integrated Picatinny rails
  • Flip-up front and rear sights for windage
  • Shoot accurately to about 70-100 yards
  • Rechargeable battery and charger housed in the stock

Expert’s recommendations:

Superlative gun with Well made, sturdy construction. The best positive thing about this is that it has an adjustable power level to control range, pellet speed so beginners can learn and grow with it. The magazine is easy to load, can hold a lot of bbs, Super cool looks, like the real thing. Decent battery life. It could last longer. It has efficient accuracy, which is improved with higher quality airsoft ammo. It is the best suitable choice for all those shooters who want to have a mid-level range of shooting with a fair shooting speed.


  • Shoots at mid to long-range targets
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Strongly constructed body
  • Compact and rugged
  • lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Helps in new techniques with high accuracy


  • The top rail is of plastic so it can break easily

GameFace GFASM14B M14 Infantry Carbine Airsoft Rifle

The Spring-Powered and Single-Shot Bolt Action gun are highly impeccable for new shooters. Revoke the action game of the legends and make history with this updated rifle. It can never run out of power because it is a spring-powered gun and Magazine fed with 200 rounds. The m14 infantry carbine rifle is a strong added gear with a metallic barrel and multiple features like Front blade sight, Fixed rear sight. Furthermore, Integrated sling mounts including bonus sling make it more convenient and accurate. its Charging handle has great tension with a metallic bolt.

It’s best for short to medium ranges, as the farthest shot you’ll be able to hit will be around 35-40 meters. Multiple Picatinny rails are available for mounting accessories

Key Features:

  • Fires at the speed of about 350 fps with .12bbs
  • Metallic barrel
  • Spring-powered, so no need to recharge it.
  • Includes Sling mounts and bonus sling Sling
  • Magazine fed with 200 rounds
  • Metallica barrel
  • Multiple Picatinny rails for mounting accessories
  • Front blade sight
  • Fixed rear sight

Expert’s recommendations:

It can go with you longer as you want but treat it with little maintenance. Decent accuracy, which is improved with higher quality. It shoots farther and more accurately than the other gun and is overall superb. We would recommend getting .20 gram bb’s because it makes it more accurate.


  • Feels great in your hands
  • Go fit with 4x scope
  • Easy and convenient for the learning process
  • It looks real and it shoots real
  • Rugged and compact
  • Reasonable and durable


  • Kind of hard to cock the gun, Needs a little bit of arm strength so not suitable for kids

BBTac BT-022 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle gun

Budget Pick

The Airsoft Rifle AK-47 Style is an impressive recreation of original rifles, to live the real thing. It is an entirely plastic body. As the name shows it is an electric-powered airsoft gun that is powered with a 7.2v battery and also offers you battery and charger included. If we talk about its looks and shape, its 35-inch length is just like a long banana-style clip that has a sliding door to hold extra ammo. Incredibly, the gun shoots with a screaming velocity of 250+ FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs and has a high-capacity magazine that holds up to 300 rounds and a sling.

Besides, the gun can use 3 different interchangeable modes such as safe mode, semi-automatic mode, and full-automatic mode. The battery is housed in the rear buttstock. The rear sight is adjustable. In addition, the rifle has some bonus features such as an Infrared Red Ray, spotlight, safety glasses, a packet of 6mm airsoft ammo sling. Simply saying, after bottling up the magazine you’re just ready to go for the action field

Key Features:

  • A safe mode, semi-auto, full automatic action system to fire
  • A sturdy Plastic body and gearbox.
  • Electric airsoft gun AEG
  • A 7.2v battery
  • The shooting velocity of 250+ FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs
  • Some bonus features like infrared Red Ray, Spotlight, Safety Glasses, a packet of 6mm airsoft ammo Sling
  • Included about 200 bbs.
  • Comes with two magazines, one holds 21 rounds, the other has 110.
  • A handy speed loader.
  • A lot of attachments
  • On safe mode
  • Adjustable hop-up system for accurate shots

Expert’s recommendations:

As earlier mentioned, its body is lightweight and suits the journey of beginners who want to get a feel for airsoft shooting and want to get an expert in hunting. The FPS is an ideal gear for backyard shooting and initial target practicing for children. It provides three easy settings to change the mode. As a reminder, always wear eye protection when using airsoft guns. That is included in the action pack.


  • Fast Rate of fire for the price
  • Very durable feels like metal
  • good quality safety glasses
  • Decent plastic
  • Not too heavier
  • Can also use as a movie prop
  • Realistic looking gun
  • By everyone’s means
  • Great for beginners and backyard players


  • The sling is very short

Summary for Best Airsoft Guns For Beginners

DesignAirsoft GunsRetailer
Staff PickWell APS MB06 SR-2 Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Check Price
Best PickDPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle
Check Price
HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG Rifle Airsoft Gun
Check Price
GameFace GFASM14B M14 Infantry Carbine Airsoft Rifle
Check Price
Budget PickBBTac BT-022 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle gun
Check Price

An ultimate guide for Freshers-Facts you Should consider in a Gun

Facts to know in an Airsoft Gun

So far you have got all the handful of information and important aspects of our best airsoft gun for beginners, but wait it is not enough. You can get entangled at the buying phase if you have an airsoft gun without knowing the buyer’s guide. So there are some factors that must be considered before buying. It helps you to make a wise and sound decision and you can enjoy maximum benefits through your favorite shooting gear. The buyer’s guide is briefly explained below:

Right airsoft gun:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the basic types and styles of guns so the process made it easier for you. The power of the gun also determines the level of shooting as it is related to speed directly. Beginner-level guns are usually spring-loaded bolt action. If you are a professional-level shooter, you can also choose electrically powered guns. Every gun has its own pros and cons. Now makes the right selection of the gun with a lot of attention because it is a delicate and crucial phase.

Muzzle Velocity:

A fresher can seek efficiently if the gun’s muzzle velocity is fast enough e.g A good Gun has FPS close to 400 and it is enough to knock your opponents. The speed with which a BB leaves the barrel of the gun is the Muzzle Velocity and it is measured in FPS (Feet per Second). Bolt action guns are fast loaded with good speed but sometimes they get heavy because of their metallic structure. We have also featured High FPS guns in our blog. That’s a must-read to have a complete understanding of high-speed airsoft guns over 500 FPS.


Consider Grip as an important factor especially if you’re a beginner. If you are not capable of handling your gun strongly, you cannot have a strong command at your shooting. A weak grip makes your hands wobble while you try to shoot. So in order to be a perfect airsoft gun shooter, you need an easy and ergonomic grip. If You are firing with a gun and if your grip is not satisfying you will not perform well and can’t be a professional shooter. Because it determines your performance in the game.

Length of Gun:

A beginner needs to get expertise in making a strong grip of a gun so an adjustable length of the gun is a must thing. A very long gun can be sometimes difficult to handle for a beginner. Read the specifications carefully before buying and make sure that the gun you are buying should have a retractable Length. So, you adjust to make a better grip.

Hop up:

Hop-ups are among the additional uses to increase the range of guns. Good quality of hope can facilitate your shooting and make it relatively easier for you. Make sure to buy a gun with an adjustable Hop-up.

Gun Material and Weight:

When buying an Airsoft gun, one must consider material and weight in the product description section. Don’t go for too light guns if their material is low-quality plastic. Or not for too heavy it can strain your neck and shoulder for a long time lifting the gun. It is better for beginners to go with a gun made up of polymers. There are many guns that are a combination of metallic and polymeric structures. These guns are made in a balanced way and are not very light or heavy for a beginner. You can choose the weight of guns which you can find easy to carry.


The magazines are the capacity of bbs that a gun can hold. So for a practical point of view, a starter needs large-capacity magazine guns. Many people see in guns whether the gun takes M4/M16 magazines. Since these magazines are common. So it can easily be used in all kinds of airsoft guns. Always go for a gun with large-capacity magazines for ease of use and proficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beginner airsoft gun?

According to research Well APS MB06 SR-2, Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is the easiest and reliable beginner’s gun to start with.


So finally, we hope that picking one of the best airsoft guns is still not the hardest thing to do you might prefer a beginner’s gun, an airsoft starter kit that has it all, or one you can modify to your own preferences and can easily make a decision on the basis of your desires, and individualistic needs as well as budget and personality.

The strength, price accuracy, power, realism, durability, speed, power, precision, performance, quality, and functionality are the possible factors to look out for when buying an airsoft gun that you’ve already checked in our buyer’s guide. A critical but important phase to make yourself assured of what you need and what you are really buying. If you know all that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.

For the time being, we’ve catered you with all the best brands and companies who are working for the sports field and entertained the players for many years to enable you to choose the best for you as a good decision-maker. Just stay wise and enjoy your shooting experience.

Happy shopping!

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