Best Airsoft Gun 2022 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Going to start your action-pack with the coolest airsoft gun after watching Netflix new series..? but don’t know which one is the best airsoft gun to buy. Don’t worry as we’re up to bringing the top-rated airsoft guns for you to take your training potential on the next level. The legacy and innovation collide in our top 10 best airsoft guns. As a professional player or even if you are a beginner, every time you think of daydreams to be a cruise and sound shooter. Just like your favorite action hero or to win the games of target shooting with your friends like a pro, for this reason, we are damn sure this blog will surely help you out.

At a Glance:

Markedly, an amazing airsoft gun will indulge you in the fastest and screaming speed to shoot your targeted object powerfully. The most accurate guns are smooth, strong, compact, powerful, and have realistic feel.

At the present time, our new generation usually opts for the hobby of shooting and they dedicate their time to the shooting games to be cruise and professional. The traditional ones are pretty old and now manufacturers replaced them with innovative handguns, machine guns, electronic guns, and that is why new young hunters catered well and have new varieties that are feature-enriched to take accurate shots.

The firearm industry is flooded with a large number of best brands with high-quality airsoft rifles, and markets are offering different models with contemporary styles and specs, functions, and features in best deals. But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed to choose the best shooting gear.

To pick the one that can best suit your needs, our team did an in-depth market analysis to give you reviews of the best airsoft gun and rifles in the world. And in our buying guide, we will go over factors that you need to keep in mind and make sure to know your requirements first. We’ve penned down the best airsoft guns reviews below:

Our Recommendations for Best Airsoft Gun

DesignAirsoft GunsRetailer
Walther P99 Airsoft Gun
Check Price
Budget PickLancer Tactical Gen 2 SPR Interceptor LT-25
Check Price
ASG Dan Wesson 6″ Air Revolver
Check Price
Best PickA/K M249 Paratrooper
Check Price
Umarex Glock 19X GBB Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun
Check Price
G/G CM18 MOD1 Combat Machine Airsoft Rifle
Check Price
Staff PickBBTac BT-M83 AEG Airsoft Gun
Check Price
BBTac AK BT-022 Airsoft Electric Gun
Check Price
KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB Airsoft Gun
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G/G Armament G&G CM16 Predator Airsoft Electric Rifle
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Walther P99 Airsoft Gun

The Ultra-modern weapon that comes first in our top-rated airsoft guns is the Walther P99. Fortunately, the double-action gun is more realistic, accurate, and feature-enriched. Walther P99 Blowback CO2 airsoft pistol is double-action with a stageable trigger that has an extremely short reset. The gun delivers the power of firing the 6mm .20g BBs with a high velocity of 320 fps. Additionally, when you pull the trigger each time the mechanism of the bore brass inner barrel works smoothly providing you with a gratifying and realistic motion.

When you kick back the metallic slide and an ambidextrous paddle-style drop-free magazine releases the 15 round bullets to shoot the target your inner feeling is like a pro. Likewise, the hidden CO2 piercing knob gets exposed when you reload the action gun.

The world-class handgun features a stageable and large trigger, its grip is textured for greater handling, and also has ridges bent inward at the base. The airsoft P99 is powered by one 12g CO2 capsule that is more like a small cylinder placed with the mag. You can have easy access to the CO2 capsule chamber by popping off the backstrap. Briefly, the p99 is such an innovative and satisfying tool for everyone.

Key Features

  • An adjustable hop-up system
  • Airsoft pistol has a double-action system
  • A nonmetallic innovative toy gun except slide to blowback for Metal slide kickback.
  • Integrated no-snag decocking button
  • Three interchangeable backstraps
  • A stageable trigger
  • The grip is textured and large
  • The barrel is made of Brass
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • 6mm plastic airsoft.20gBBs
  • An ambidextrous paddle-style drop-free magazine
  • The velocity of shooting a target is about 320 fps
  • 15-round drop out magazine
  • Powered by a 12-gram CO2 capsule placed in the grip

Expert’s recommendation:

The P99 genuinely is an iconic tool of Walther’s history, it is the collision of legacy and innovation to create the most influential pistols. The compact pistol is recommended by so many LE professionals because they trust its quality and features whenever go to the tool of choice.

Moreover, the fast loading action and easy handling are so amazing that training on this pistol is more like fun and amusement. As it has a metallic slide, so you enjoy a realistic pistol shooting experience on this pistol.


  • Good durability
  • Smoothbore
  • Trigger is smooth
  • Satisfying and realistic feel
  • Ergonomic grip
  • The trigger guard is good-sized
  • Realistic blowback


  • CO2 cartridge not included

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 SPR Interceptor LT-25

Budget Pick

The Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR is a pioneering rifle that is the best power pack for your military starting career and the best cutting edge if you’re just a beginner and seeking to get the expertise to shoot with a rifle. Specifically, the gun-type is electronic and is modestly priced so you can easily hand it on. Thanks to the lancer tactical manufacturers for its lighter weight it never strains your shoulders. airsoft assault rifles are a little bit looks and work like real assault rifles because they are capable of firing with semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.

Lancer Tactical comes with a 1,000-round bag of 0.20g BBs to jump into the action. The rifle has an adjustable hop-up system that reduces drop at longer ranges. The rifle’s outer barrel and its frame are completely metallic. As well as it features an attachable handguard extension that adds four Picatinny style rail segments and flip-up front and rear sights to enhance its productivity, strength, and versatility.

Fortunately, the rifle has a compact body due to its nylon polymer furniture so that it can withstand impacts and heavy targets. The Interceptor provides full metal gears, not like traditional ones. For the recharge of the gun, it also provides compartmental for easy-access battery storage and buffers tube-type batteries. After the use of rifles, the trigger gets snappy and hot because the batteries are housed in the grip. The integrated 6.03 mm tight bore barrel gives you the range and precision.

Key Features

  • An adjustable hop-up system
  • An electronic, batteries required
  • 1,000-round bag of 0.20g BBs
  • The firing velocity is 400 fps
  • Contains compartmental for easy-access battery storage
  • Fires with semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.
  • Retractable stock
  • Full-metal gearbox
  • 300-round magazine
  • Nylon polymer body except outer barrel and frame is metallic
  • An attachable handguard extension
  • flip-up front and rear sights
  • Integrated 6.03 mm tight bore barrel
  • A lengthy M-LOK rail.
  • Metallic gears
  • An operable charging handle

Expert’s recommendation:

The Interceptor LT-25is an iconic shooting gear that is more popular in airsoft, paintball, law enforcement, and military training. The lightweight and strong built makes you capable of shooting like a pro. Moreover, the budget-friendly and affordable products give you a kickstart and provide the best quality airsoft even if you are just starting out. So it is true to say that if you’re searching for an excellent airsoft assault rifle then this enormous option for you.


  • Lightweight, compact and strong
  • Have a feel like the real
  • Cost within your means
  • Gives you the range and precision
  • Powerful and upgraded
  • Can withstand impacts and heavy targets


  • After the use, the trigger gets hot, because of batteries

ASG Dan Wesson 6″ Air Revolver

The ASG revolver is a power punch that gives height to your action field and is certified by Dan Wesson. The design is splendid and striking and makes you irresistible. The smart-looking revolver will hit you hard with its futuristic looks, making it more than an ordinary handgun. It can only house the 6 rounds. Importantly, the bbs of .20g can shoot a target with a velocity of 499fps. The beefy revolver accents a double-action trigger system and also includes adjustable rear sight for accuracy. Fortunately, the ASG revolver has a metal body but the ergonomic grip is made up of sturdy ABS plastic.

Moreover, the handgun is powered with CO2 with the standard 12 gram CO2 6 cartridges that are housed in the grip and is easily accessed by sliding the grip back – easy-load style.

The rigid revolver also has bonus features including a speed-loader, attachable tactical rail.

Key Features:

  • Bbs of .20g can Shoot with the speed of 499 FPS
  • The standard 12 gram CO2 6 cartridges
  • A double-action trigger system
  • Powered with co2
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • 6 Brass shells included
  • Jam Packed with metallic body
  • 6-inch barrel
  • Speed-loader
  • Grip has ABS plastic body
  • Attachable tactical rail

Expert’s recommendations:

It’s really hard to beat this type of revolver. As it is a lightweight and fast action loaded pistol so it makes you shoot like a real pistol. If you want an action-powered tool according to your taste it can be the best-chosen weapon for you. The gun definitely has a realistic feel. Of course, this is a very authentic-looking replication of an actual revolver.


  • Realism and accuracy
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Hard to hit
  • Sturdy and powerful
  • Impressive and striking design


  • A Little bit pricey

A/K M249 Paratrooper

Best Pick

The m249 paratrooper is a far-reaching machine gun and is a true power pack for your action field that its 0.20g BBs can shoot with the screaming muzzle velocity of 390fps. The solid paratrooper is coupled with a contemporary and groovy detailed design to get a better replication of an original addition, It is lighter than your old gun and has a user-friendly grip due to the close quarters. The gun is partially metallic and some parts are nylon bodies just like the receiver, barrel assembly, feed cover, and bipod are all-metal bodies, while the stock and handguard are nylon fiber reinforced.

In the same way, to see you happier manufacturers deliver you the box magazine contains 2,400 BBs, which guarantees a high volume of fire. It allows the use of m4 mags and is also adaptable with Matrix, G&G, and Tokyo Marui M4/M16 box magazines.

It also features a bipod that works as a stable platform for arresting the aim with muffling fire. It has a shorter barrel and a collapsible stock.

The M249 Paratrooper has an easy peasy grip with its smooth handguard. It is a real gun that comes with an adjustable hop-up system and with a standard 20mm rail running along the top of the body, mounting red dots or scopes is trouble-free.

Your action gun uses a butterfly battery to entertain you which is housed in the front area of the handguard. The area is ample to hold a 9.6v 1600mAh battery.

Key Features:

  • 0.20g BBs shoots the aim with a velocity of 390 FPS
  • A collapsible metal stock
  • 2400rd Electric Winding Box Mag
  • Railed feed cover perfect for optics
  • A butterfly 9.6v 1600mAh battery
  • An adjustable hop-up system
  • 8mm full metal gearbox
  • A shorter barrel
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Comes with an orange tip
  • A bipod that works as a stable platform
  • A standard 20mm rail running

Expert’s recommendations:

The m249 paratrooper is a great multifaceted option for many Machine Gunners. This allows the user to share ammo with M4/M16 users if needed in a pinch. So you know you’re getting a high-quality, realistic airsoft rifle and always worth the money because of the feature-richness. Adjustable front and rear sites make this gun highly accurate and stable for beginners. As it has a bipod hat that works as a stable platform, so this gun is highly recommended for beginners.


  • Lightweight and easier to handle in close quarters
  • High-quality, realistic airsoft rifle
  • Smooth handguard
  • A contemporary design
  • A user-friendly grip


  • Some may feel that the use is a little bit tricky

Umarex Glock 19X GBB Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun

GLOCK is working as a sovereign global manufacturer and inaugurating the safest and painless designs for the military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. The GLOCK 19X is completely licensed and approved by GLOCK. Advantageously, the 19x blowback pistol has iconic and top-tier functioning with its compactness, durability, and ruggedness. Ergonomics pistol shoots with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at an ultra-fast velocity up to 300 fps. It has a realistic gas blowback system to simulate the slide cycle and recoil. Additionally, the play toy also includes the Glock accessory rail, traditional Glock sights, and a functional Glock trigger system.

Moreover, for the better fitment of hands, it offers the removal of the finger grooves. For comfortable and strong handling, the grip is solid slip-resistant, and fully textured. The elite force GLOCK 19X has been constructed by keeping in mind to provide you the best blowback pistol which is as close to the real firearm.

Key Features:

  • The outer frame is made up of an injection-molded polymer frame
  • The slide is of aluminum alloy
  • Traditional GLOCK sights
  • Velocity is up to 300 fps
  • Functional GLOCK trigger safety
  • Shoots with 6mm plastic airsoft BBs
  • GLOCK Generation 4 style frame
  •  Finger grooves were removed for a better fit
  • Slip-resistant and textured grip
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • GLOCK accessory rail
  • Realistic gas blowback system to simulate the slide cycle and recoil

Expert’s recommendations:

The Glock’s family effortlessly offers the pistol users of every lifestyle so they can rely on it. It is a great treasure for action lovers, players, target shooting, and as a training tool. It helps you to enhance your abilities and maximizes your training potential.

All professional shooters like it because of its long-lasting capabilities, durability, and fast loading mechanism. The lightweight and rugged injection-molded polymer frame are of great attraction among many youngsters.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Just like a real firearm
  • Strong and slip-resistant grip
  • Lighter and rugged
  • Durable and compact


  • The green gas is not included

G/G CM18 MOD1 Combat Machine Airsoft Rifle

The CM18 MOD1 is highly geared and impeccably responsible for an extended rail system to cover the entire length of the barrel, providing ample space for optics, lasers, flashlights, foregrips, or any other rail mounted accessory if necessary. The MOD is feature-enriched with an automatic and semi-automatic firing system and electric-powered rifle of the Combat Machine endows a standard with front and rear flip-up sights, that are completely adjustable and removable.

Most importantly The gun comes with the shooting action of high speed approx. 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs. The rigid body of the rifle is constructed with a durable material like fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic, which makes it light enough and ergonomic pistol grip for good handling and easy to maneuver with.

The retractable crane stock has six different positions and also houses the battery. This MOD1 has nunchuck-style adaptable batteries. The hop-up adjustable system, high-quality polymer free float Rail System and Flip-up front and rear sights make it more desirable. Moreover, it is accessed by pulling back on the charging handle.

Lastly, the flash hider on the rifle has external threads, allowing a screw-on flash hider QD barrel extension if desired to be added.

Key Features:

  • 330-350 FPS high speed to shoot w/ .20g BBs
  • High-Quality Polymer Free Float Rail system
  • An electric powered rifle
  • The automatic and semi-automatic firing system
  • High-Quality Polymer Receiver
  • An adjustable HopUp system
  • Outer Barrel is metallic
  • Inner Barrel is made up of Aluminum
  • Magazine Capacity is 120 Rounds
  • High-quality Free Float Rail System
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • Single point sling adapter
  • 2-Tone Finish
  • Fully Upgradable Full Metal Gearbox and Gear Set
  • 6-Point retractable stock w/ battery compartment
  • Rail Ladder Panels Included
  • Plastic Reinforced Receiver
  • Full-Length Top Rail for Optics
  • Retractable Crane Stock
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Integrated Steel Sling Loop

Expert’s recommendations:

If you’re seeking the best performance airsoft rifle with a great power G & G is recommended with a 9.6v battery because it will give a quicker trigger response and a higher rate of fire. Overall, due to its versatility and legacy, this is an excellent choice for either field or CQB play.


  • It really feels like an original firearm
  • Solid and efficient
  • An ergonomic smooth grip
  • Affordable and reliable


  • The mag well doesn’t fit perfectly
  • Battery and charger sold separately

BBTac BT-M83 AEG Airsoft Gun

Staff Pick

The BBTac M83 is a gangbuster Airsoft Electric Gun. It can shoot with a frontline speed of 200-250 fps with 0.12gBBs. The shooting action can be started with an automatic and semi-automatic system. In fact, this M4 style toy gun is light-powered and comes loaded with multiple accessories such as a flashlight, Red Dot Tactical Light, and red dot scope. Moreover, the power pack includes 5,000 BBs to get you started. The airsoft action beginners can easily use this as it is also good for backyard wars because of its safety assurance. The rifle is featured with easy removal of the barrel extension and can also attach a silencer to it while desired.

The rifle body is well constructed with ABS plastic and offers a large variety of colors like blue, orange, white, and yellow. It also has RIS rails for mounting multiple accessories attachments.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a package of 5,000 BBs for your airsoft war
  • 200-250 FPS with 0.12g BBs,
  • Full-sized and made with CQB, ABS plastic airsoft rifle
  •  Powered with 7.2V Battery
  • Semi and fully automatic action mode
  • 40 round magazine
  • Accessories include flashlight, Red Dot Tactical Light, red dot scope, foregrip, sling, barrel extension
  • A huge Color variety like blue, orange, white, or yellow

Expert’s recommendations:

The bang buster is a Great entry-level gun especially for kids starting off in airsoft. Nice and powerful gun with a nice and modest price. People love to have it for their backyard wars and practices due to its amazing features and economical price. Lastly, also suitable for backyard wars because of its safety assurance.


  • A vast range of colors
  • Gun for backyard wars
  • A kid play toy
  • Safe and cruise
  • Battery and charger included
  • Extra space to mount accessories
  • Realistic and effective
  • Groovy and economical


  • A little bit tricky to use that’s why not for younger shooters

BBTac AK BT-022 Airsoft Electric Gun

The supreme Airsoft Rifle AK-47 Style is a matchless replication of original rifles. The making of the rifle is fully plastic. The electric airsoft gun is powered by a 7.2v battery and also offers you battery and charger included. Its 35in length is just like a long banana style Clip has a sliding door to hold extra ammo. Incredibly, the gun shoots with a screaming velocity of 250+ FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs and has a high-capacity magazine that holds up to 300 rounds and a sling. Besides, the gun can use 3 different interchangeable modes such as safe mode, semi-automatic mode, and full-automatic mode.

The battery is housed in the rear buttstock. The rear sight is adjustable. In addition, the rifle has some bonus features such as an Infrared Red Ray, spotlight, safety glasses, a packet of 6mm airsoft ammo Sling. simply saying, after bottling up the magazine you’re just ready to go for action field

Key Features:

  • 1/1 scale Airsoft Gun
  • The shooting velocity of 250+ FPS using 0.12g 6mm BBs
  • Fully automatic
  • A 7.2v battery
  • Magazine that holds up to 300 rounds
  • Featuring three Action modes such as semi-auto, fully automatic, safe mode
  • An Adjustable hop up technology
  • Some bonus features like infrared Red Ray, Spotlight, Safety Glasses, a packet of 6mm airsoft ammo Sling
  • The rear sight is adjustable

Expert’s recommendations:

Its body is lightweight right according to beginners who want to get a feel for airsoft shooting. The FPS is an ideal gear for backyard shooting and initial target practicing for children. It provides three easy settings to change the mode and you can turn on safety mode, semi-automatic, and fully automatic mode. As a reminder, always wear eye protection when using airsoft guns!


  • Perfect for beginner and starter player
  • Has three action modes
  • Accurate and sturdy
  • Simple to use
  • Battery and charger included
  • By everyone’s means


  • Not much compact as a metallic body can be

KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB Airsoft Gun

The KRYTAC Trident MK2 CRB is a streamlined firearm that beats with 10.5 barrel and 10 free-floating, DEFIANCE TR110, and a keymod handguard. The screaming velocity of the gun is 365-385 FPS w/0.20g bbs. It has close quarters and wide-open outdoor engagements. The outstanding MK2 is electric powered and has aluminum alloy receivers that have an intricate and contemporary design and a prominent KRYTAC logo has been carved that is the symbol of supremacy. The quality is super amazing and also comes with an integrated enlarged trigger guard.

You can find an excellent grip with comfortable handling due to its designation; retractable battery stock includes two different battery organizations, a nunchuck style battery can fit in the tubes. It also features two QD sling swivel divots. The gears are also compact, sturdy, and strong.34

Instinctively, the Trident MK2 CRB comes with a reinforced ball bearing gearbox approx 8mm with integrated MOSFET to synchronize electronic signals and to preserve the trigger contacts. For the lubrication gears and pistons, there is a small window like a hole in the gearbox shell, the window is also advantageous for inspecting the assembling of the gearbox.

Also here, is a bonus feature of a gearbox is a modular spring guide system that will allow the spring to be changed without completely disassembling the gearbox. In addition, it includes an ambidextrous fire selector and a locking bolt that provides easy access to the rotary hop-up system. The rotary hop-up has 15 adjustment settings and a numbered adjustment wheel. Lastly, the KRYTAC piston is made of a durable, lightweight polymer that has four metallic teeth, with the 2nd to last tooth absent to absorb the impacts.

Key Features:

  • A symbol of supremacy: a prominent KRYTAC logo
  • An electric powered airsoft gun
  • Aluminum alloy receivers
  • Velocity w/0.20g Airsoft BB: 365-385 FPS
  • Included Magazine Capacity: 350
  • The gearbox is multi-featured with an integrated MOSFET, a modular spring guide system, 8mm ball bearing, a window like a hole for inspection
  • Adjustable rotary hop-up system
  • An integrated enlarged trigger guard
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Two QD sling swivel divots
  • Realistic locking bolt and bolt release
  • A keymod handguard
  • Defiance TR110 rail system
  • The DEFIANCE designation motor grip provides enhanced comfort
  • The Cylinder head is padded with an enlarged rubber bumper to optimize the angle of engagement.
  • 6 position retractable battery stock

Expert’s recommendations:

The Trident MK2 CRB is an innovative firearm reapplication that has all you are seeking for. It has the latest in shooting sports technology it is one of the best multifunctional AEGs that performs at a high level in different scenarios.


  • An intricate and contemporary design
  • Compact, sturdy, and strong
  • The piston is durable and lighter


  •  It also does not ship with a battery

G/G Armament G&G CM16 Predator Airsoft Electric Rifle

And last but not the least, the modish advancement offers you a productive weapon: The GC16 Predator. It offers you a wholly remodeled full metal receiver just like the popular billet style that has been admired in the firearms world. Most importantly, its shooting speed is 330-350fps w/ .20g BBs. Furthermore, some other enhancements have just happened that include an ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous mock charging handle, metal keymod handguard, and a selector switch with a heavy-duty detent for the purpose whenever you change the fire mode it will provide you tactile feedback.

Due to its voguish and sophisticated design, in a modest price range, everyone wants to get their hands on it. Because quality does matter. It also features CNC machined metal keymod rail plus Front and rear adjustable flip-up sights for optics. A MOSFET that offers to use the LiPo batteries that are completely safe and programmable fire control.

Key Features:

  • BB Velocity: 330-350fps w/ .20g BBs
  • An electric powered airsoft rifle
  • A metallic billet style receiver
  • Constructed with a polymer body
  • CNC machined metal keymod rail
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Integrated MOSFET
  • Fire action different modes: Semi, Full Auto/3-round burst
  • The ambidextrous mock charging handle
  • Non-slip textured selector switch
  • Ergonomic motor grip
  • Rear sling plate adapter for use with one-point slings
  • Front and rear adjustable flip-up sights
  • 6 position retractable GOS V3 stock

Expert’s recommendations:

The G&G GC16 Predator is a tremendous choice for any airsoft gun shooter who is seeking innovative, feature-rich, and sophisticated design in the market that fulfills the right needs. Combat Machine line up takes all the standard features and always strives to modify the products and offers a high level of quality to satisfy his king customers.


  • An intricate and sophisticated design
  • Realistic and effective
  • Groovy and economical
  • Latest technology


  • It is just a little bit tricky

Factors To Consider While Buying an Airsoft Gun

So far you have got all the handful of information and important aspects about our most accurate airsoft guns but it is not enough and can be overwhelmed if you have an airsoft gun without knowing the buyer’s guide. So there are some factors that must be considered before buying. It helps you to make a wise and sound decision and you can enjoy maximum benefits through your favorite shooting gear. The buyer’s guide is briefly explained below:

The Gun type:

Before getting deep into all details first you should wisely choose the type and style for your shooting experience. Whether you are just starting your shooting journey or you are an experienced player, the right kind of gun can make your shooting career more joyful and professional.

Every person has a different choice. The same is the case for having a gun. Some people like lightweight and small structured guns while others want to go for heavy-duty airsoft guns. Either way, considering your own requirement is crucial.

We have listed down the most important types of airsoft guns in the section below:

  • Spring-powered airsoft guns: The spring-powered guns are the most common efficient, rugged, and strong airsoft guns. These are commonly named bolt action sniper rifles and are high in demand due to their fast loading mechanism. It always uses a cock when you load. Our surveys show that most of the community is using spring-powered guns. All you need to do is to pull the spring back in order to reload the gun and here starts the action. These guns are powerful, smooth, and with a real feeling.
  • Electric(AEG) powered airsoft gun: These iconic guns are powered with electric power for your shooting action. These guns mainly use batteries to deliver power. These batteries are rechargeable. All of them have the same mechanism but different price ranges. These guns are long-lasting, efficient, strong, and have a strong grip. Before buying you can check the quality of batteries that are usually placed in the grip.
  • Gas-powered airsoft gun: This type is usually less commonly used, these are gas-powered. These guns use blowback of compressed CO2 as a power to load the gun and use cartridges that sometimes come with the powerpack. It enhances your shooting training and gives you the most realistic feel ever. The mechanism is painless when the trigger is released, CO2 gas expands and pushes the BB at the rushing speed to perform the shooting action.

Muzzle velocity:

The muzzle velocity is also an important aspect to check before buying because of how fast your bbs shoot your target it all depends on the velocity or speed which is mentioned on the model. The figures show you this abbreviation. How many feet per second (FPS) the airsoft gun can shoot efficiently when using the recommended and compatible BBs. All the airsoft guns have different shooting velocities. They start from 100 fps and so on. High-speed shooting guns may go over 500 FPS and as categorized as airsoft guns over 500 FPS.


The range of an airsoft gun means how far you’re able to fire a BB with accuracy. You can check its range by reading about its particular range before buying it because it is not something you should ignore. There are all the specifications written on the description of the product. So must consider the range and choose a product according to your requirement.


Dimensions are usually mentioned in the manual and you can check. Before buying a gun, go through all the product descriptions and choose accordingly.

Magazine capacity:

The magazine capacity means How many pellets can fit into the gun and what type and size it suits. Some airsoft guns will include a trial pack of BBs.sometimes the mag capacity can be determined by the certain model you’re choosing. So must check the house of your bbs it really a very notable thing.


The battery is the powerhouse of electric airsoft guns so while choosing this style of gun you must make sure the power of the battery will indicate how long it’ll last and the power it’ll deliver. Some brands offer batteries and chargers along and it is a plus.


The material which has been used to construct the body, slide, and frame shows its feel, performance, durability, and strength. Common choices include full metal construction, metal internals or externals, ABS, and plastic. There are many guns that are fully made of ABS polymer but their weather-resistant finish makes them look like metallic guns. A metallic gun is much heavier as compared to a polymeric-made gun. So as you go for a lighter material, your gun becomes lightweight and vice versa. The material should be chosen wisely and accordingly.

Pistol Grip:

If you’ve decided to choose any pistol or handgun make sure that the grip should be slip-resistant and fully textured for making your grip safe and strong. The rigid grip has finger grooves removed for better fitment of hands. The handling should be smooth and comfortable enough for longer use. If the grip is making your hand tired, you can’t shoot properly. The easier and stronger is the grip, the accurate is your shooting.


The pump action in spring-loaded airsoft guns is preferred highly in which the hand-grip is pumped back and forth in order to load the spring and ready the gun for firing. The gun needs to be pumped before each shot.

Airsoft accessories and attachments

Airsoft has a lot of accessories and gun attachments, below is a brief list of some accessories you can get for your next skirmish.

  • BB speedloaders
  • Masks and balaclavas
  • Safety goggles
  • Airsoft gloves
  • Cartridges
  • Extra magazines
  • Airsoft grenades
  • Airsoft smoke grenades
  • Silencers and barrel extensions
  • Chargers and batteries
  • Tripods and bipods
  • Cases and protective bags
  • Improved sights and scopes
  • Foregrips
  • Slings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best airsoft gun on the market?

We cannot choose a specific one to say that ‘the best so we categorized different shooting gear with some perspectives prices, styles, and types of guns which are as follows

Best Airsoft Assault Rifle: Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR
Best Airsoft Sniper: JG Bar-10.
Best Cheap Airsoft Guns: Walther P99 Blowback.
Soft Air Taurus 24/7.
Best Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1.
Best Airsoft Automatic Handgun: KWC Colt M1911A1.
Best Airsoft Machine Gun: A&K M249 Paratrooper

What is the most reliable airsoft gun?

A good gun can be the difference between winning or losing so a better reliable gun should be in your hands to never lose a target. Some are as follows

G&G CM18 MOD1 Combat Machine Airsoft Rifle

What is the best starter airsoft gun?

If you’re are a starter and just begin your shooting journey with these Best Beginner Airsoft Rifles:

G&G Combat Machine Raider 16 M4 AEG
ICS Sportline M4A1 AEG
CYMA AK-47 CM040C Full Metal AEG

Can airsoft guns kill?

No, these guns cannot kill you. Basically, Airsoft guns are toy guns so their standard velocity of 400–700 feet per second, can hardly sting you or maybe put out an eye, but not kill.


So after a good discussion, you might prefer a beginner’s gun, a complete package that has it all, or one you can modify to your own preferences and can easily make a decision on the basis of your requirements, desires, and individualistic needs. The accuracy, power, durability, performance, and operating system are the biggest factors to look out for when buying an airsoft gun that you’ve already checked in our buyer’s guide. You should also check out your budget and style to get maximum benefits like real ones by your favorite high fps airsoft gun. For the time being, bear the above considerations and keep all things in mind seriously when picking your best out of the best airsoft gun.

We have gone through all the crazy and top sports brands and with markets to make you understand the intricacies of playing this sport to make a better decision about your next one. Just stay wise and enjoy your shooting experience.

Happy shopping!

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